Monday, May 28, 2012

Puppy bot

Build a robot for acadian to get him started in robotics.

Everything in it, is stuff I had laying around.

The button on top triggers, 4 rgb leds inside of it. Its powered by a jeenode, Yes those are bobbers on the rear antenna. The wheels are two cd's with some 1/8? bearings hot glued between them and wrapped in plastic wire wrap conduit.

I did a quick continous rotation mode to a pair of servos. The front "wheel" is a ping pong ball mounted to a pair of springs.

Over all it tools around good. With a 9v battery as the power source. The sonar just lets it back up a little bit and turn left or right off a random guess.

i found an old cell phone i might use the battery out of that to power. I will upload some more photos of the build when acadian goes to bed

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