Thursday, December 8, 2011

ok side project for xmas since i am laid up after my knee surgery.

Grove - Starter Kit   
    Grove - Twin Buttons X1
    Grove - Twin LEDs X1
    Grove - Tilt X1
    Grove - Buzzer X1
    Grove - Rotary Angle Sensor X1
    Grove - Temperature Sensor (Analog) X1
    Grove - Smart Relay X1
    Grove - Protoshield X1
    Grove - Base Shield X1
    LCD1602 Baseshield + LCD X1
    GROVE Cable X10

plus the following extras
   Grove - Tilt Switch
   Grove - 3-axis Accelerometer
   Grove - Touch Sensor   
   Grove - Vibrator

Add to it one Arduino

Next mix in some

This will be a system for kids to use super easy. Aka my nieces and nephews. Since the is still in alpha, I asked to help them out getting the linux version up and running. Edward Baafi was kind enough to say yes.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

ok more work on the cnc

basic layout of the hardware has started. With the options on i want. Each axis will have controls and a menus system with 4 extra buttons for features later. etc.So I got 3 axis control so far. with digital reads for them and a control system for each axis. Which mean I am a limb short. The 5 buttons in the row over lcd are the menu control buttons. and the wires run out to limits.

shown here
but they got kicked for optical ones first thing

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

More Stm32f4

OK bit of a code post

First open a terminal to start up the listener so i can program the board

$ cd stlink.git/
$ sudo ./gdbserver/st-util fu bar

next to send a program to the board in a new terminal

cd ~/stlink.git/example/blink


$ arm-none-eabi-gdb
(gdb) target extended localhost:4242
(gdb) load blink.elf
(gdb) continue

Control-C stops the program

and quit ends and starts the program on the board automagicly.

Now this is just with an example and using the post below to get my build environment up and running.

Had  no issues with programing or anything but when i reset - i.e unplugged the board the program was not running. Firing up the gdb and repeating these commands

$ arm-none-eabi-gdb
(gdb) target extended localhost:4242
(gdb) continue

and only one led blinks. Not the 4 in the center of the board.... More to follow as i figure this out.

yep i am stupid

Might help if i program the flash not the ram eh?

./flash/flash write path/to/file_name.bin 0x8000000

works just fine! With my ability to program the board and upload code to both the flash and the ram, I am all set not to go back to windows and have to finish deployment from there to the target boards. Next on the chopping block to is to gleam out how to do proper usb identification for my device. I.E a usb CNC Machine with Serial Communications. Which hopefully is not that hard. Seems someone has do a bit of CNC gcode converting software for stm32 already so after i figure out this usb crap i am going to have a look at that.

Monday, October 31, 2011

ok got my stm23f4 to compile code under linux and up load it to the board using the tutorial here


Wednesday, October 19, 2011

White boards

Updated my white board space.

I mount the new smaller boards to the wall with 3m sticky velcro, I love the fact i can pull them off the wall to write on.

and off the wall

and the backside

added cork board to the bottom so i can attach whatever to it but it had screw holders

and they are gone with it prepared to go on the wall

and the Finished look

should help a bit as it allows me to pull them off the walls to make updates etc. for 20 bucks total not a bad way to track stuff.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Cheap senors containers

I have been eyeballing those solar yard lights from Wal-Mart all summer long....

Well they finally are on clearance for 2 bucks a piece.  !!!!
So I grabbed up 3 up them for 6 bucks along with a monster.
Some quick tear down photos:

Any's you get the point They are easy to tear down and only need a phillips screw driver. End result
This will make quick work of my solar powered sensor network.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

All Hallow's Eve

Taking a break from the normal to continue a family tradition and make a robotic monster bat for the family.

it will flap and make "bat" noises etc.

be on a pulley system with a sonar sensor to launch at kids and parents!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Pcb Mill

Decided since I have limited space etc to make a micro pcb mill.

the biggest pcb i will be able to mill on it will be 4"x6" (maybe 6"x6").

First I opened up inkscape and based the initial design on my cnc, fixed gantry.

which i immediately changed the sides to this:

more support and stability really. Right now  I am going CHEAP on the xy axis and got stuff parts from lowes and home depot to make them

I "intend" to do this with the parts

for my table I plan to use a cheap cutting board I found at walmart and cut it to size later and slap it on top. I got 3 of them so i can have spares

most of the control system is coming from Sparkfun. Using easydrivers and nema17 steppers to get the work done and a knock off dremel from harbor freight.

First Introduction

Ok since I forgot to pay my hosting etc. ( oops ) and someone squatted my domain. Its off to blogspot for my personal piece of the Internet. On here you will find my progress in making my personal desktop fabrication area.

Tools I have:

CNC machine - its a desktop size mini cnc that can handle aluminum if i go slow.

whole bunch of hand tools

Soldering station
Desoldering station

and a bunch of electronics gadgets to do my dirty work.