Sunday, October 2, 2011

Pcb Mill

Decided since I have limited space etc to make a micro pcb mill.

the biggest pcb i will be able to mill on it will be 4"x6" (maybe 6"x6").

First I opened up inkscape and based the initial design on my cnc, fixed gantry.

which i immediately changed the sides to this:

more support and stability really. Right now  I am going CHEAP on the xy axis and got stuff parts from lowes and home depot to make them

I "intend" to do this with the parts

for my table I plan to use a cheap cutting board I found at walmart and cut it to size later and slap it on top. I got 3 of them so i can have spares

most of the control system is coming from Sparkfun. Using easydrivers and nema17 steppers to get the work done and a knock off dremel from harbor freight.

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