Friday, March 7, 2014

RCA dvd player died

So like. My kid loves his dvd player. I got it for long car rides. It was one of the dual screen video players with a dvd player one side and just a screen on the other. Well one day it got broke (the dvd player side). 8 kids one room, you know the rest.

Enter raspberry pi powered openelec thing. Goal make it live. And keep all stock functions and controls on the screen (all work)
Bottom left Usb car charger soldered in to pOwer the pi. Cause i was lazy and ya no circuit built today. All off the shelf

Yep screen workd
Shoe horned in
Yes I know the dremel got away from me. :D its for my kid, he doesn't care.
Had too insulate the board with hot glue The connector on the middle right is for screen controls. Which when ground control the brightness etc. (found this out the fun way).

And as you can see below I was super lazy and got out my butane power soldering iron, and not my electric one. 

It works and he likes it. No modification of the pi needed, cost 0, had everything on hand. Controlled over the phone via the xmbc remote app

Sometimes being lazy pays off. Cause I was totally too lazy to toss out the dvd system after it was broken, and then tripped on it with the pi in my hand. 45 minutes later its what you got.

Some what specs.

RCA out from the pi to the Screen soldered on the screen side RCA jack on the PI Side
Dual stereo via old head phonejack soldered straight to the board.
Running openelec 3.2.4(newest as of today 7 mar 14)

Configured the Pi on the tv then installed it in the RCA screen,
Dremeled (badly) access to usb.

Powered via car adapter hacked up with wire cutters (seriously way easier than going out in the cold for parts)

Still to do. Adhoc interface stuff for on the road or I could just name my phone's wifi access point to the same thing and control it like that. 

And yes I know this format hurts the eyes. I totally dont update enough. etc. I am in the 82nd Airborne give me a break and yea that. Only wrote this up because there is still lot of room in the case and you can use the gpio of the pi to create a totally cool remote control for a robot with this. I will be on the look out for another one of these also. See my ISO of add on craigslist :D

Edit: quick shot of pass through. Audio and video work.