Thursday, December 8, 2011

ok side project for xmas since i am laid up after my knee surgery.

Grove - Starter Kit   
    Grove - Twin Buttons X1
    Grove - Twin LEDs X1
    Grove - Tilt X1
    Grove - Buzzer X1
    Grove - Rotary Angle Sensor X1
    Grove - Temperature Sensor (Analog) X1
    Grove - Smart Relay X1
    Grove - Protoshield X1
    Grove - Base Shield X1
    LCD1602 Baseshield + LCD X1
    GROVE Cable X10

plus the following extras
   Grove - Tilt Switch
   Grove - 3-axis Accelerometer
   Grove - Touch Sensor   
   Grove - Vibrator

Add to it one Arduino

Next mix in some

This will be a system for kids to use super easy. Aka my nieces and nephews. Since the is still in alpha, I asked to help them out getting the linux version up and running. Edward Baafi was kind enough to say yes.