Saturday, May 5, 2012

On an Airplane

Took a bit of a trip this week, which I totally did not want to make, after a few stressful days I am glad to be done. I am writing this on the plane ride home so it will be short I guess.

I got a chance till my battery ran out to work on my racing simulator code. I added in a calibration routine for it and stream-lined the button setup and initialization routine. This should make it respond faster than I can see or tell. Aka reduced the lag a bit.

Next I have to build the output to the u8 and make sure it (linux) works fine with the computer.

I have 4 user buttons, start, select and Will be adding a button to calibrate the steering for the chip only.

If I ever get time I will be making the pedals and the shifter and adding them into it.

Mentally I am drained after a very very long week. So I am slightly glad my laptop battery was not fully charged.

Talk at you internet people later - john

Ps I am still thinking delta bot 3d printer fyi.

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